JustResizeIt 2.0

JustResizeIt is a widget-based application for resizing images
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JustResizeIt is a small but very useful and innovative tool that will let you resize your images. You just drag and drop your pictures to any widget on the program's interface, and the application will start resizing your image(s) automatically and fast.

In the program's interface you will find widgets. They are practically the heart of the application. Each one of the widgets is able to resize images according to the settings previously defined. For instance, one widget can resize images to 50% of the original size, while another widget can resize images to a specific number of pixels. This feature is really innovative and makes the program very attractive.

Besides, as you may imagine, you will be able to create new widgets that can be configured to resize images to a specific number of pixels, percentage, or quality. Finally, the program supports batch processing mode, that is, many images can be resized at the same time. In addition, once your images are resized, you can drag & drop the widget to any application (i.e. Microsoft Word) or to any folder.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Resizing images is really easy
  • Supports batch processing


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